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http://ponyaccess.com/ is my new website covering the saddlechariot/iBex and it's uses. This is where you will also find links to all my articles on training, safety, vehicle design and even the weird stuff on cooking and politics.
My new contact details are ponyaccess@gmail.com
and my phone number is +44 7510 736 518

This is the home page of the iBex and as befits a radical new product, this a pretty radical new page.

The iBex has just been invited to join the SLL White Horses 2012 Caravan of Hope, allowing a disabled veteran to drive this unique one man, pony drawn vehicle from the Camargue in the South of France, to London. For full details see here.
and here.

The iBex is the result of 12 years designing unusual pony drawn vehicles, and enough detail to send you to sleep is here.

For the last few years, one consistent theme has run through my work, my enthusiasm for taking ponies into inner cities. This is why it is such an honour to work with SLL White Horses who take inner city and decidedly non horsey youngsters, and get them to ride Camargue horses from the Camargue to London. For info and pictures of my work in urban areas, look here.

Education is a journey, and journeys are an education. I have learned more about vehicle design, and training ponies, and learning from ponies on two rather odd trips. The first was from Brecon to Birmingham, so I could play with ponies in Balsall Heath, and the second from Exeter to Hyde Park so I could drive solo, round Hyde Park, in a wheelchair, pulled by a pony. Details are here.

I love doing useful things with ponies, providing all terrain access for those with mobility problems on Farm visits in Devon, logging, urban recycling work, hoeing rowcrops, collecting and distributing books, doing the shopping and blasting along the beach claiming I am testing the product. To see any or all of these, go here. (Parts of the Page still under construction ish)

Training ponies. I have had some stunningly good teachers, Henry and Obama stand out, though I have learned from Molly, Angus, Trix, Winston. Tiki and endless others I have introduced to Saddlechariots. Quite a few humans have helped as well. Nick Sanders particularly. For more on why I am stunningly brilliant, go here. (Page still under construction)

And finally, working with the disabled. The iBex is designed from the start to take wheelchairs. It is not a wheelchair enabled vehicle, it is a vehicle that can be driven by anyone. I don't discriminate. If you want to drive from a wheelchair, it works, if you don't, it works.
I have been helped by a number of people with mobility issues. Bex, who has lent her name to the iBex is my most recent test driver. Jeannie was the first, Ari, Sarah, Sarah, Damian all took part. And last but not least, loads of children from various schools through Organic Arts and their PonyAccess Project, funded by Devon County Council's Aiming High Fund.
For pictures and information on some of the most fun work I have done, try here. (Again page still under construction) Try writing a rude comment and I will get it done.
And you meet some really great people.